Project #3: Due Nov. 29 Dec. 1, BEFORE Class Begins

PDA (Personal Database Application), Courtesy of J. Widom

In project #3, each team needs to create a web-based interface to their DB2 database. As we discussed in the beginning of the course, a huge number of Web sites are based largely on a relational database system. The HTML pages a user browses are generated from the database, and user actions and inputs result in behind-the-scenes SQL queries and updates. Although the database-backed site you will create is not likely to be as snazzy as a typical Web shopping or auction site, the basic idea is the same.

Part 1: Data Population

Part 2: SQL and Web Interface Implementation

Part 3: Presentation Slide

Each team needs to prepare for a power-point slide presentation for about 15 minutes (10-20 pages). The presentation should include
  1. Brief description about projects #1-3 (e.g., ER, schema, normalization).
  2. On-line demonstration.
All members need to participate in the presentation.

Part 4: Turn-In

  1. By due date, each team needs to turn in both the hard-copies of project #3 report and the presentation slide.
  2. The project #3 report should include:
    1. Overall description of your web-interface and application.
    2. Data population SQL code.
    3. Details of how each query feature is implemented behind (e.g., "Search by author name" feature was implemented by the following PHP code and internally it generates the following SQL queries and blah blah...).
    4. Show all interesting features that you want to show off.
  3. By due date, a final project web site that has Web-based interface to DB2 must be ready and accessible to anyone on Web. Similarly, the presentation slide must be linked to the project web site. We will be running everyone's Web interface in order to grade this part of the PDA. You will lose substantial points if the web interface that you created does not run properly, or if the URL linked to your project web page is not valid. Do NOT add password to your project so that any one can try it out.

Dongwon Lee
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