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IST 210

Spring 2004 / Sections 3 & 4


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  • (Apr. 13) Project Team Presentation:
    • Project presentation is scheduled during Apr. 26-30. During this period, all students must attend the class to avoid penalty, regardless of their presentations.
    • Instructor and TA will grade the presentations (20% of project 3 score)
    • Each team prepares for a 20-min PowerPoint presentation (can include demo). 20-min time limit will be strictly enforced.
    • All members of the team must participate in the presentation.
    • Each team has to link the PowerPoint slides to their project web page no later than Apr. 25.
    • The order of the presentations will be determined on Apr. 19 during class.

  • (Mar. 29) Project #3 is out : DUE Apr. 23

  • (Mar. 4) Project #2 is out : DUE Mar. 26

  • (Jan. 28) Project #1 is out : DUE Feb. 23

  • In the sprit of PBL (Problem-based Learning), IST210 offers three team-based projects throughout the semester.

  • "The team project will be to build a substantial database application for a real-world domain of your choosing. You will design a schema on paper, then you will create an actual database using DB2 provided by PSU. You will populate the database on your own (either via an automated program that you write or manual data hunting), write interactive queries and modifications on the database, explore other aspects such as constraints and triggers (encouraged), create programs that manipulate the database, and finally develop a simple Web front-end to your database application."

  • Sample project (that got A) from 2003 is provided below for your reference:

  • Web-based University Management System by Jessica Scott, Jordan Steinberg (Lead), Ramon Thomas, Steve Dalonzo

Section 3

  • IniTech: Matt Fedyna, Zac Halbrook, Oscar Hernandez, Brad Wilson (Presentation: Mon)
  • Big Dog: Diane Flowers, Tom Hubbell, Mohamed Al Lawati, Ryan (Wally) Watson (Presentation: Mon)
  • Stinky Bacon: Jacob (Jake) Thorwart, Chris Wensley, Eric Larson, Cindi Garis (Presentation: Fri)
  • Numero Cuatro: Dan Pino, Dan Rosenblum, Keith Lorenz, Ryan Cain, Karen Powderly (Presentation: Wed)
  • The Molerats: David Hur, Pedro Arocho Jr., Brandon Tryzbiak, Hirun Kajohnnatikoon (Presentation: Mon)
  • The IST Bandits: Dan Tishman, Annie Noel, Chris Ingram, Paul Reehing (Presentation: Fri)
  • Team Horizon: Harrison Brown, Ryan Cain, Mike Craven, Karen Powderly
  • Team RGM: Rachelle Randall, Gary Holtz, Michael Gerber, Mike Craven, Wes Lewis (Presentation: Fri)
  • Lifelight Industries:Dan Clauser, Mike Markovich, Corine Prothero, Patrick Bond (Presentation: Wed)
  • The Red Raincoats: Sandy Kraft, Hans Schmieder, Andrew Pituch, Dave Polonsky (Presentation: Wed)

Section 4

  • 210 Technologies : Steven Jackson, Gannon Nordberg, Dave Rusenko, Joel Snyder (Presentation: Wed)
  • Group P4L: Stephen Davis, Peter Emanuele, Brian Pennesi, Jabari Hall (Presentation: Mon)
  • Database Lions: Chad Gordon, Joe Gordon, Marc Mazer, Stephanie Zaleski, Steve Hickey (Presentation: Fri)
  • Lion Data Group: Mark Poblete, Phil Shenk, Jeff Kessler, Amit Patel (Presentation: Wed)
  • Insert Name Here: Daniel Welsh,Paul Meyer, Andrew Kerns, Ryan Berkheiser, Bethany Lee (Presentation: Wed)
  • Aaron Finley: Ian Kohl Dan Vandermer, Justin Kulikowski, Aaron Finley (Presentation: Fri)
  • Team Nameless: Chris Klose, Mike Sell, Ken Dale (Presentation: Wed)
  • DTP Database Clique: Harlan Lam, Nate Quickel, Andy Laux, Ryan Legolas (Presentation: Fri)
  • Team K.E.B.S.:Kyle Butler, Erinn Hansen, Bill Golden, Seth Ryan (Presentation: Mon)
  • Caulk Slave: Ryan Obrock, David Cox, Josh Young, Max Slingerland (Presentation: Mon)

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